My paintings are all based on my life and moments that have left their mark

Its difficult to describe, how much I love colours! Colours are everywhere. Colors influences many of our daily decisions, consciously or unconsciously from what we eat and what we wear. Colors  enhances the quality of our lives, it helps us to fully appreciate the beauty of colors. 

We all use the power of colours every day, often unconsciously. For me, colours became my language. A tool I use to translate my thoughts and feelings. Emotions revealed, without saying a word.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2020 “Dimorfism”, Viimsi Huvikeskus (Viimsi Amusement Center), Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2019 "What should I wear tomorrow?", NailSpa, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2019 Plan B, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2018 "Feminine world of knowledge", NailSpa, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2016 “Beautiful Womens and Their Beauty”, NailSpa, Tallinn, Estonia
Group Exhibitions:
  • 2020 "Unlimited Reality", Galleria KOOKOS, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2020 The annual exhibition of Estonian Painters’ Association “Global/Local” , The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia  
  • 2020  OKKK-7 Group exhibition, Alexela Concert Hall, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2019 Gallery 3.14, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2019 The annual exhibition of Estonian Painters' Association “Contemporary Estonian Art: Reality and Ideal”, The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia    
  • 2019 OKKK-7 Group, Salme Kultuurikeskus, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2017 Estonian Art Academy group, Kultuurikatel, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2014  Group exhibition “Venezia E L’ARTE”, gallery,Venezia, Italy

  • Estonian Painters' Association

Name: Lola Tehver
Residence: Tallinn, Estonia

College: 2017 Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
Major: Painting

College: 2000 University Of Tartu
Major: Marketing